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Meghan and Harry

The Royal Wedding

Royal Life

First Royal Tour (Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand

First Royal Tour II

First Royal Tour III


Harry and Meghan

The Love Story of the Century. The last time a Prince Henry (Prince William Henry) of England was involved with a Woman of Color, their loved didn’t last and he kept her mostly on his frigate. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s love is beautiful.

Just Dating.



Engagement Photos

Full Interview after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement.




First Christmas.

Lifetime Movie: Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Official Trailer

Full Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s full name: Henry Charles Albert David
Meghan’s full name: Rachel Meghan Markle

Official Surname: Mountbatten-Windsor

The Queen has conferred the titles will be Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. Prince Harry thus becomes His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex, and Ms. Meghan Markle on marriage will become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan and Harry Harry and Meghan Prince Harry Duke and Duchess Sussex  Meghan and Harry Harry and Meghan Prince Harry Duke and Duchess Sussex


Meghan and Harry Harry and Meghan Prince Harry Duke and Duchess Sussex

Harry and Meghan on the balcony with the royals - Trooping the Colours 2018 Queen birthday

Being Royal – The duties.


All pictures below are shots from Wiki-Commons, my TV and computer screen, the feed of Kensington Palace and the Royal Family and photos I took from whatever was on my screen during the evening news.  Video is linked from You-Tube.

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Best Kisses In Celebration of International Kiss Day

Here are some of the best kisses around.

#InternationalKissingDay  Well let’s start with one of my favorite International Kissers. #RemingtonSteele The look, the motion, the follow through. Sigh.

Ok, you know we were waiting for this one, Mark and Bridgette. Yes nice boys do kiss great. #InternationalKissingDay

Kyle, was always international to me. I love a good enemy to lovers story.  Kyle and Maxine brought the heat and to me there is a sweet vulnerability to this one as guards lowered. #InternationalKissingDay

Monica and Chandler #friendstolovers hooked up Internationally. #InternationalKissingDay  These two… Their #romance made the show for me.


Wasn’t Whitley studying International Art? One of the best friends to lovers, unrequited love love stories ever. #InternationalKissingDay


Burke and Christina. This was definitely a #frenchkiss. Their romance made the show Grey’s Anatomy for me.   #InternationalKissingDay

Rick and Michonne. Ok, I didn’t see this one coming, but yeah. Who knew Walking Dead with Zombies could make toes curl.  #ZombieThreatIsInternational #InternationalKissingDay


One for my Irish Peeps. See cleaning a man’s house leads to no good.  John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara  – The Quiet Man  #InternationalKissingDay

 North and South with Richard Armitage and Daniella Denby-Ashe. #InternationalKissingDay  Swoon.


Rhett and Scarlett.

Outlander.  For you Denny.


Victoria and Albert after she proposes. Who can forget the cut-my-shirt scene? #intense #InternationalKissingDay

Still love this almost kiss here:

Mindy and Danny in the rain. Enemies to Friends to Lovers to HEA… for now.  It’s complicated, so international.  #InternationalKissingDay

Iris West And Barry Allen  Superhero love is international. This kiss is no flash in the pan. #InternationalKissingDay #firstkiss

Let’s not forget this one: 22 November 1968, the very first televised interracial kiss. It was between Kirk and Uhura #paranormalkiss #InternationalKissingDay Kirk, I wish you were a little more into it. Uhuru, you are slaying with those nails.

For the record, I’m firmly in the A&E version camp on Pride & Prejudice Movies, but no one can deny the beauty of this Darcy and Lizzy kiss. Oooh Mrs. Darcy.   #InternationalKissingDay

Last but not least (for me at least, please add to this thread) Meghan and Harry. #MeghanAndHarry #InternationalKissingDay #romance  This is why I write romance and love these kissing scenes.

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My Musings – For Prince

So, I did a thing to celebrate the Genius of Prince for his 60th Birthday using his song titles.

Ode to Prince

Yes, I Gotta Broken Heart Again, because I Can’t Make U Love Me. I should Dance On, think about Dinner with Dolores, but this is a Condition of The Heart.

I wish U heaven, Emancipation, Everyday Winding Roads, a Good Life, really. You see I Feel For You. Yes, I Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got. But 4 The Tears In Your Eyes, we should be 2gether. If Eye was the Man in Ur Life and you were Forever in My Life, we would have Good Love, One Kiss At The Time as we Play in The Sunshine. Your love is like 3 Chains O’ Gold, wrapped about me. Hello. Baby, Call My Name, you Most Beautiful Girl in The World.

It is Undisputed. When You Were Mine, this was the Greatest Romance Ever Sold. But now you Tell Me How U Wanna B Done?
Sweet Baby, Beautiful One, I should have seen this in a Crystal Ball, but I was Courting Time, waiting for the Dream Factory to Start.

I close my eyes. It’s So Dark. I see the Slave I’ve become. I’m So Blue. So Dark is my world. My Soul Sanctuary holds too much Purple Rain, too much Hallucination Rain, too much Pink Cashmere. For The Rest of My Life, I will remember when we went to Hollywood, how the Housequake sent me spinning with you Under the Cherry Moon. It was a New Power Day. I should Release it, these feels, this Reflection–all the how it was When I Was Your Girlfriend. But the hope that you will be Right Back Here In My Arms is Insatiable.

No Escape. I’m Face Down in my denial. I Hate U. I truly want to you, Partyman, you Nasty Girl. But I can’t. I can’t even drive away in my Little Red Corvette.

So goodbye again. This is my Last Heart. It must stand for truth.
So even now with the Illusion, the Coma Pimp and Circumstance gone, I’m still Dreaming About You. I think of our Slow Love and Silly Games, and that time with the The Morning Papers and The Ladder. La La La He He Hee. We both know La La La Means I Love You.

Damn U, Darling Nikki. I crossed that Graffiti Bridge just thinking of us. I Wanna Melt With U, Die 4 U. Hello, you Hot Thing. Come On. I know. I know. Call The Law for it is a crime to forgo The Screams of Passion, this love that Still Would Stand All Time.

Shhh, I know now I Can’t Make U Love Me. No Wedding Feast for us. It’s Wasted Kisses. We Gets Up and go our separate ways, no Sensual Everafter.  No Joy in Repetition. No Comeback. So there is no Righting the Wrong. I will Release It like I toss my Raspberry Beret in the air.

I’m done Going Crazy.

I’m Letitgo.

La La La, La La La.

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