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I love History, Romance, the Regency, Food, Family, Faith and Friends.

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Vanessa Riley

Vanessa Riley's Schedule!!!

I love to interact with readers, talk about the importance of our history, our sisterhoods, and our collective power as a people. Below is my current schedule, but click the links below for past events and more.

Vanessa Riley's Current/Happening Events


Vanessa loves to interact with readers, romance and history buffs, and fellow writers. She can schedule a Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime chat to discuss her book(s) or upcoming projects.

Invite her to do workshops on:

  1. Changing Perspectives of Woman in History
  2. Reclaiming Your Story
  3. The Writer's Journey: Seven Things I Wish I Knew at the Beginning
  4. Cinderella has a Voice and Gets Her Fellow Even in the 1800s
  5. Faith, Forgiveness, and Forging Your Own Path
  6. The Caribbean Regency
  7. Building Your Narrative: Tools, Tips, and Truths

Contact her to Invite Vanessa to present a Workshop