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  • Welcome to Vanessa Riley's World. What is this place?

I am a Regency Fanatic. I have collected research over many years and I've put the most fascinating things that I've learned about the period here. 

  • Seems like a great deal of information. What should I do?.

Breathe. I'm all out of smelling salt. The menu at the top of the page will take you to all kinds of Regency facts or even my latest books. Click on the HOME Button to see the links to latest news and my lists:


  • What shouldn't I miss on this web site? 

You have to view the Fashions. I have collected or shot (camera not flintlock) over 80 photos of Regency Clothes. It's great for research or just dreaming. I even have a HD version (flash version). It allows you to click on a section of the image to zoom in for a closeup.

The book parade (middle of home page) is also a great place to stroll. Fabulous Regency Authors are on display for your viewing.

My Regency Cant Dictionary: With Google's help, I've indexed the Dictionary of Regency Cant. Put in a search term like "Gee" and see what you get. It's a lot more than "bloody." Update Google has annexed more than the Cant making it harder to find. Here's a direct link to the, and Don't miss the contests. I love to give things away.

  •  What does Vanessa write?

I write journeys of the heart for people of the Regency. Faith is important to me, so you will see the tests and trials that only an enduring resolve will solve. Faith was an instrumental part of the lives of the English during the Regency Era (Specific Timeline: 1811-1820, Broad range: 1800's-1830's). Yet, the changing politics, the wars, the need for personal worship, and the rediscovery of God's handiwork, nature, all are important ingredients of the Regency. I choose to write and read action-filled Regency Era stories which have elements of love, faith, and hope.

  • What should I add?

I am always looking for anything Regency. Send me a note about a site or a book that should be added as part of the collection of treats.

  •  How can you participate?

Tweet about us. Tell your friends. Like me on Facebook. Buy a Regency Author. Let the world know you love this genre.

  •  Want to know more about me, Vanessa Riley?

Spend time on this site and my blogs. Hey, you can even buy one of my books. View the "Vanessa" links to see more about my writing and upcoming events.

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