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I love History, Romance, the Regency, Food, Family, Faith and Friends.

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Lady Worthing Mysteries

Bringing a vibrant edge and welcome diversity to the Regency genre, this exciting historical mystery series, Lady Worthing Mysteries, features an engaging heroine with an independent streak, a notorious past, and a decided talent for sleuthing . . .
Smart, witty, and refreshingly diverse, this new Regency-set series from acclaimed author Vanessa Riley combines her signature emotional richness and attention to detail in a historical mystery featuring a strong, clever, and captivating heroine . . .
Latest Book in the Series: Murder in Drury Lane (October 24, 2023).


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"A fresh, unique take on the Regency, deftly weaving historical fact with dastardly intrigue. Lady Worthing is an intrepid and unforgettable heroine." -- New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn, author of the Veronica Speedwell mysteries 
"You don't want to miss this invigorating take on the Regency lady sleuth." -- Sherry Thomas, USA Today bestselling author of the Lady Sherlock series

Murder in Westminster


Murder in Westminster introduces the strong, capable Lady Abigail Worthing, who must unearth a killer to clear her own name.

Discovering a body on her property presents Lady Abigail Worthing with more than one pressing problem. The victim is Juliet, the wife of her neighbor, Stapleton Henderson. Although Abigail has little connection with the lady in question, she expects to be under suspicion. Abigail's skin color and her mother's notorious past have earned her a certain reputation among the ton, and no amount of wealth or status will eclipse it.
Abigail can't divulge that she was attending a secret pro-abolition meeting at the time of the murder. To her surprise, Henderson offers her an alibi. Though he and Juliet were long estranged, he feels a certain loyalty to his late wife. Perhaps together, he and Abigail can learn the truth. . . . Abigail, whose marriage was not a love match, knows well how appearances can deceive---and how treacherous London's high society can be. Yet who would have killed Juliet, and why? Taking the reins of her life in a way she never has before, Abby intends to find out--but she may uncover more danger than she ever imagined . . .


"A great read to add to your current must-read lists." -- Essence Magazine
"Fans of Regency-era historical mysteries featuring intelligent heroines (such as Andrea Penrose's Lady Arianna or Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily) will find this series a welcome addition to the genre" -- Library Journal
"Riley's inclusive, keenly drawn cast shines a light on the role of people of color in the Regency era.... Snappy dialogue, abundant intrigue, and Abbie and Stapleton's increasingly flirtatious antagonism keep the tension high and the narrative drive strong Smart, fun, and full of moxie." -- Kirkus Reviews
"Riley offers a vibrant picture of the roles Black and mixed-race people played in Regency life. Fans of Bridgerton will enjoy this one." -- Publisher's Weekly
"Riley's prose is unique, nestling a lush, lavish image next to a swift, chopping realization. Her characters are opaque, hiding more than they reveal, and readers are kept on their toes guessing whence the next threat will arrive. Highly recommended." -- Historical Novel Society
'Vanessa Riley deftly combines historical fact with an exhilarating story and a truly inclusive cast of characters in a novel that's not just a great read, but important, shedding light on the abolitionist movement. Murder in Westminster is a triumph: atmospheric, evocative, and utterly irresistible." -- New York Times bestselling author Tasha Alexander

Murder in Drury Lane

Bringing a vibrant edge and welcome diversity to the Regency genre, this exciting historical mystery series features an engaging heroine with an independent streak, a notorious past, and a decided talent for sleuthing ...
Pressed into a union of convenience, Lady Abigail Worthing knew better than to expect love. Her marriage to an absent lord does at least provide some comforts, including a box at the Drury Lane theater, owned by the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Abigail has always found respite at the theater, away from the ton's judgmental stares and the risks of her own secret work to help the cause of abolition--and her fears that someone from her past wants her permanently silenced. But on one particular June evening everything collides, and the performance takes an unwelcome turn . . .
Onstage, a woman emits a scream of genuine terror. A man has been found dead in the prop room, stabbed through the heart. Abigail's neighbor, Stapleton Henderson, is also in attendance, and the two rush backstage. The magistrate, keen to avoid bringing more attention to the case and making Lady Worthing more of a target, asks Abigail not to investigate. But she cannot resist, especially when the usually curmudgeonly Henderson offers his assistance.
Abigail soon discovers a tangled drama that rivals anything brought to the stage, involving gambling debts, a beautiful actress with a parade of suitors, and the very future of the Drury Lane theatre. For Abigail the case is complicated still further, for one suspect is a leading advocate for the cause dearest to her heart--the abolition of slavery within the British empire. Uncovering the truth always comes at a price. But this time, it may be far higher than she wishes to pay.