Here are some of the best kisses around.

#InternationalKissingDay  Well let’s start with one of my favorite International Kissers. #RemingtonSteele The look, the motion, the follow through. Sigh.

Ok, you know we were waiting for this one, Mark and Bridgette. Yes nice boys do kiss great. #InternationalKissingDay

Kyle, was always international to me. I love a good enemy to lovers story.  Kyle and Maxine brought the heat and to me there is a sweet vulnerability to this one as guards lowered. #InternationalKissingDay

Monica and Chandler #friendstolovers hooked up Internationally. #InternationalKissingDay  These two… Their #romance made the show for me.


Wasn’t Whitley studying International Art? One of the best friends to lovers, unrequited love love stories ever. #InternationalKissingDay


Burke and Christina. This was definitely a #frenchkiss. Their romance made the show Grey’s Anatomy for me.   #InternationalKissingDay

Rick and Michonne. Ok, I didn’t see this one coming, but yeah. Who knew Walking Dead with Zombies could make toes curl.  #ZombieThreatIsInternational #InternationalKissingDay


One for my Irish Peeps. See cleaning a man’s house leads to no good.  John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara  – The Quiet Man  #InternationalKissingDay

 North and South with Richard Armitage and Daniella Denby-Ashe. #InternationalKissingDay  Swoon.


Rhett and Scarlett.

Outlander.  For you Denny.


Victoria and Albert after she proposes. Who can forget the cut-my-shirt scene? #intense #InternationalKissingDay

Still love this almost kiss here:

Mindy and Danny in the rain. Enemies to Friends to Lovers to HEA… for now.  It’s complicated, so international.  #InternationalKissingDay

Iris West And Barry Allen  Superhero love is international. This kiss is no flash in the pan. #InternationalKissingDay #firstkiss

Let’s not forget this one: 22 November 1968, the very first televised interracial kiss. It was between Kirk and Uhura #paranormalkiss #InternationalKissingDay Kirk, I wish you were a little more into it. Uhuru, you are slaying with those nails.

For the record, I’m firmly in the A&E version camp on Pride & Prejudice Movies, but no one can deny the beauty of this Darcy and Lizzy kiss. Oooh Mrs. Darcy.   #InternationalKissingDay

Last but not least (for me at least, please add to this thread) Meghan and Harry. #MeghanAndHarry #InternationalKissingDay #romance  This is why I write romance and love these kissing scenes.

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