We love our readers! It’s why we write this blog. Connecting and sharing with a group of people who love Regency England and Inspirational fiction as much as we do inspired us to write our first post back in February.

People around a question mark
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In some ways, this is as much your blog as it is ours. Without you, what we do wouldn’t matter. So we wanted to take this moment to ask you, where would you like this blog to go?

What do you like? Would you change anything? Have you had a favorite post that you’d like to see more things similar to?

As we start the approach to our first birthday (still five months away, but coming up fast!) we want to make sure that this blog is meeting your needs and wants.

So tell us what you think in the comments below. You and your opinions matter to us.

Originally posted 2012-09-05 17:23:00.