Looks What’s Brewing in the Regency

  • The Joy of Plot Bunnies. I mean Anecdotes.
    I stumbled across a very entertaining book from 1828 while doing a bit of research about Gentleman’s Clubs in London: The Clubs of London; with anecdotes of their members, sketches of character and conversations. It’s exactly the kind of fodder … Continue reading
  • Downton Abbey S6, E3 Recap and Review: Nibbly Bits
    Inquiring readers: A poll I placed on this blog a few days earlier showed that people were generally more pleased with Episode One over Episode Two, but the votes were close between excellent or merely O.K. for both. As for my coverage, 80% of you like my irreverent recaps, and 20% did not, with %5 […]

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Originally posted 2016-01-28 06:20:40.