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Isadel's Song:

Isadel's Song - Wells

Words by Isaac Watts, 1674-1748
Music by Israel Holdroyd

Life is the time to serve the Lord,
The time t'insure the great reward;
And while the lamp holds out to burn,
The vilest sinner may return.

Life is the hour which God has giv'n
To 'scape from hell, and fly to heav'n;
The day of grace, when mortals may
Secure the blessings of the day.

The living know that they must die,
But all the dead forgotten lie;
Their mem'ry and their sense are gone,
Alike unknowing and unknown.

Their hatred and their love are lost,
Their envy bury'd in the dust;
They have no share in all that's done
Beneath the circuit of the sun.

Then what my thoughts design to do,
My hands, with all your might pursue;
Since no device, nor work is found,
Nor faith, nor hope, beneath the ground.

There are no acts of pardon past
In the cold grave, to which we haste;
But darkness, death, and long despair
Reign in eternal silence there.