Austen’s World Wrap Up. October 12, 2017

Looks What’s Brewing in the Regency

  • Advertisements in Newspapers & Magazines
    When you look at surviving copies of 19th-century periodicals (typically bound in volumes) today, you will perhaps notice a distinct lack of advertisements. Ads were printed on the wrapper (the cover) of single issues as well as on additional pages, … Continue reading
  • Heat and Light in Austen’s Novels (Part 2): Candles, by Rachel Dodge
    Just as fire was the centerpiece of most evening gatherings in Jane Austen’s time, candles also played a vital role in Regency life and culture. Today, family members work or read in separate rooms in the evening and go to bed at different times (due to the advent of electricity), but people in Austen’s day […]

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