Austen’s World Wrap Up. February 16, 2017

Looks What’s Brewing in the Regency

  • Imaginary trips
    I know there are reasons why college financial aid paperwork and income tax paperwork have to done at the same time, but I don’t have to like it! When I am up to my eyeballs in Things I Don’t Enjoy, … Continue reading
  • Ahem. Yes. Hello
    Boy, it’s been a tough several months for me, in case anyone was wondering. In fact, I’ve essentially missed making this post, too, because I thought I was supposed to post the 10th. Hopefully things right-size in a bit. I’ve … Continue reading

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Consistent Prayer

Vanessa here,

I am guilty. I am guilty of loading my plate to high, of volunteering for too much, of getting so busy that I forget to pray. This year I am going to be more consistent. Face it. There are a lot of things that need prayer. I have friends waking up in fear and depression. Truthfully, I counted more sad days that happy ones.

But God is in control. I thank him that the bad wasn’t so horrid, that tomorrow never came. Yet, I am convicted of forgetting or being too tired to do the one thing I can to alleviate the anxiety that wants to take hold.

Prayer. I am going to keep it simple, but I am going to be consistent.

I’m ordering a new prayer journal to keep me on this path. Yes, I am not just an author but a believer in the product too.

For your free PDF version of the Prayer Journal sign up here.

Here is the link to Amazon to order a print copy.

Austen’s World Wrap Up. February 9, 2017

Looks What’s Brewing in the Regency

  • Registration Is Open for 2017 Tour to England
    JASNA is now accepting registrations for its sponsored Tour of England in July, 2017.
    The 2017 Tour is sure to be popular because the County of Hampshire and Austen sites are making
    special arrangements to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen?s death.
  • How Rich was Rich?
    Money is not an acceptable topic of conversation among the gently-bred, so I beg forgiveness for breaking the taboo. We people our books with wealthy, dashing characters who are the equivalents of today’s super rich –dukes and earls instead of … Continue reading

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