The Soldier’s Secrets Winners!

Congratulations! We have winners! And answers to the quiz questions!Naomi Rawlings The Soldier's Secret

First, our winners are:

Julie N.–winning a copy of The Soldier’s Secrets

Martha G.–winning a copy of The Soldier’s Secrets and A Tale of Two Cities

Note: We did feature two other giveaways over the past week and a half, but both were disqualified do to low contestant entries.


Now for the quiz questions.

On April 3, we asked: Name the famous prison in Paris that was stormed during the French Revolution.

Answer: The Bastille


On April 7, we asked: True or False–Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake,” at the beginning of the French Revolution.

Answer: False. Marie Antoinette never said, “Let them eat cake.” However, rumors that she had indeed responded to the plight of the peasants by uttering such a cruel statement spread through Paris, and the false quote found it’s way into many a political pamphlet at the beginning of the revolution.


On April 10, we asked: True or False–After it was stormed, the Bastille was torn down and the stones were used to build a bridge.

Answer: True. The stones from the Bastille were used to build the Pont de la Concorde (Concorde Bridge). The bridge, which crosses the Seine River, is still used today.


On April 14, we asked: True or False: The majority of the people killed during the Reign of Terror were peasants.

Answer: True. Sadly, most of France’s rich and affluent had fled France long before the Reign of Terror. Most historians estimate that 85% of those killed during this period were the very peasants that the revolution was supposed to be fighting for.

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